Grad Rad Experience

True story: Neither John or Mike attended any college after graduating with bachelor degrees. But they know a ton of people who have, and they themselves both look very long at the route. On this week’s episode, they talk about the pros and cons of going back for the post-grad degree. Some notes to augment […]

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Why Millennials get a bad rap

This is not new. The “millennial” work problem has been around for awhile. It is sometimes referred to “millennial shaming.” Can you guess the average tenure of Millennial employees? Two years. In the span of a professional career, two years seems to hardly make dent. In comparison, the average tenure for Gen X employees is […]

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The Big Meeting

In the last episode of WorkplaceYP, John and Mike were about to unlock the secrets of the Orb of Enchantment and free the lost king when they were attached by an army of zombie orcs. Ok, that wasn’t last episode. Last episode really was about networking with a big-time leader. This episode lets you know […]

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Do I know you?

Ever been in a networking situation where that one big-time leader is in the room. That one you need to meet to help you build your career. That one who is surrounded by a gang of sniveling sycophants as we type this. How do you approach them without being seen as another sniveling sycophant. This […]

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14- Top 10 Networking Tips

“The richest people in the world look for and build networks. Everyone else looks for work.”  – Robert Kiosaki What is your why for going to networking events? Find the right event. Where can you get the most people in the room but also have 1 on 1 time. Find an event and stick with it. […]

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13- Chutes and Ladders

Do you have a success ladder? Ie, the stages of your career both professionally and community oriented where you benchmark where your life is going. How do you get to the next level of your career without falling down the chute to nothing. Or even just getting stuck on a tier. On this episode, John […]

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