Thoughts on the end of college football season

Yes, the College Football Super Duper Championship featuring a team from South Carolina was Monday. Last Monday.  Like, six days ago Monday.  Why is Complete Public Relations just now blogging about it? One, statute of limitations is over and people are no longer roaming the streets with torches complaining about the outcome. Hint, the South Carolina team lost. Two, it takes some time to digest some of the oddities of this game that so captivated the Upstate of South Carolina. So much so, here are some things you may have missed in the rush to bleed orange.

  • If Clemson had beaten Alabama, it wouldn’t be the first time this season that a team led by a quarterback who signed with Clemson beat the Crimson Tide. Say what? Somewhat forgotten is that Mississippi gave Alabama its lone blemish this year. A Mississippi team led by Chad Kelly. The same Chad Kelly, who was slated to be the starting quarterback for Clemson two years ago, but was booted from the program instead. Think about that.
  • College football is a Saturday game. Especially in the South.  Hey, people love the phrase “Saturdays down South.”  We probably owe someone money just for using that trademarked phrase. So why play the game on a Monday night? That is like playing the Super Bowl on a Tuesday.
  • Along the crazy train line of thought, anyone else find it funny that the game between two large universities was played at a stadium named for the for-profit University of Phoenix?  Anyone? We sure did.
  • Deshaun Watson was the best on the field last Monday and the best player in the nation. But it was Alabama’s  Derrick Henry, who took home the Heisman for the nation’s most outstanding player. Think about that!
  • It was a tough week for the Swinney family.
  • Tuesday morning was pretty bleary eyed in the Greenville area.

That’s all we got for today. Keep it real.


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