4- Branded for Life

Your personal brand is the most important thing you should be thinking about as a young professional. Where you go and how you get there will be determined by your perception both in the office and at “play.” Enjoy an edgy conversation and learn how you can improve your brand.

Some links and notes to augment your experience
Think of yourself as a brand
Understand who you are and be your authentic self
Stay consistent
Google Alerts
Google yourself – often
Name + Your City
Complete PR
Associate with other strong brands
College, Company, Colleagues
Elevator Pitch – Catch their attention
Practice in the mirror
Write your speech, practice 3 times and throw away, go on bullet points
Build an audience and following
Blog, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and other Social media
Professional Picture on LinkedIn page
Blog – Be specific, don’t generalize
You can rebrand yourself – but you must time it right

5 Takeaways
1. Understand who you are
2. Associate with other strong brands
3. Get your elevator pitch down
4. Be specific
5. Always be constantly learning

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