6- Jedi Mind Tricks

Who doesn’t want to be Obi-Wan Kenobi sitting in a landspeeder and messing with some stormtroopers heads with some simple suggestions? Wouldn’t that be great to be able to do in the office? In this week’s episode, the hosts offer up some Jedi Mind Tricks to use in the office as well as making a lot of Stars Wars references and the occasional reference to Inception as well. Remember this is the podcast you have been looking for!

Some notes to augment your experience 
Don’t appear to be the boss even if you are
Take the time to listen and ask questions
Show them you understand
Make sure you are listening actively
Point your toes and belt buckle, don’t fidget
Don’t just speak to fill the air – even if they do it
Be to the point and direct
Watch your tone
It’s not what you say but how you say it
Talking down vs being direct
Millennials go into work mode
“Thank you for contributing”
Most older employees are aware of their technology shortcomings and may be timid
Schedule 1 on 1s for further training
Set clear defined expectations upfront
Internal communications are evolving
Be patient when implementing new technology
Give simple options – Yes or no
Use facts not emotions
Give them the reason behind the task
Stay positive in all situations
Ask “what’s the best way to contact you”
Establish ground rules of communication
A lot of work can wait
Make them think it was their idea
Use reverse psychology
Don’t give the idea away, talk around the idea, Undersell

5 Takeaways
1. Use facts not emotions
2. Its not what you say but how you say it – Watch your tone
3. Let them know and believe you understand them
4. Give people simple choices – Yes or no. Binary
5. Make them think it was their idea


“You will let us pass”
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ConversionXL — Lesser Known ways to Persuade People
LifeHacker – How to plant ideas in someone’s mind

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