7- Can’t talk, I’m running latte 

Are there three words that can potent such doom when strung together as “let’s do coffee?”

Ok, yes, there are lot of three-word phrases that come to mind, but on today’s WorkplaceYP, Mike and John are focusing on those three words. Coffee isn’t just for closers. It is an easy way to build your professional network while also taking in some instant caffeine.

In this “quickie” episode, Mike and John talk about the issue of when to say no to coffee or other networking entreaties when the person asking you really isn’t that interesting to you. Yes, it happens so what can you do?

Some notes to augment your experience

Determine what the real reason you were asked for

Are you being sold to?

Be direct – “What do you want to meet about?”

Know the terms – Who, what, where, when and why

How long will the meeting last?

A way to say no is asking them to say yes

Turn the ask back onto them

Transfer meeting to phone or email

Set dedicated meeting time slots

Set up “Office hours”Don’t let anyone rule your calendar

Just say no

5  Takeaways

  1. Don’t let people rule your calendar
  2. Know the terms of the meeting
  3. Be transparent on both ends
  4. Come ready to make decisions
  5. What’s the value proposition

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