10- There’s no place like home

The work for home conundrum is a tough one. No boss looking over shoulder, but no one brings in cupcakes on Friday. You work at your time, but that may be the same time as the rest of your team. You don’t have a commute, but you also run the risk of going a little stir crazy. But with workspace and time becoming more flexible and as much as 25 percent of the work force doing the job from home, WorkplaceYP takes a look this week the pros and cons of not hitting the office.


Some notes to augment your experience:

  • There’s no place like home ( Working from a home office)
    • With workspace being more and more flexible
    • 25 percent of the workforce no longer works from home.
    • How to work outside the office
    • Treat your home office as a work environment
      • Don’t put personal items in your work space and don’t put work space where your personal items are
        • Don’t fold laundry on your desk and don’t work in the kitchen or living room.
        • Contrary- Give yourself an incentive to work in another room/ porch, living room. Make 10 leads you can sit in the rocking – rigid but it’s important to be structure
        • Full hands in, full hands out – constantly work to declutter desk
        • Get a comfortable seat/ ball chair, standing desk
      • Don’t over clutter your space, Eliminate distractions
        • No tv, dog/ pets, social media notifications turned off
          • Phone do not disturb mode
          • Eliminate clutter: cups, dishes
        • focus on output
        • Create a space you actually want to work in
        • Have good lighting – LED
        • Make sure you have a solid dependable internet connection
        • Give yourself a window to look out and let sunlight in
        • The fridge is your enemy– avoid all day snacking, but take time to make a real lunch as opposed to just microwavin
        • Chrome cast plug in – Momentum- open new tab, picture
          • Focused project
        • Most of all – Keep it simple – be a minamilst
    • Your significant other/ roommates have to know when your work hours are
      • Wife got mad I didn’t empty dishwasher, “bc I was home all day”
      • Set none work parameters to spend dedicated time with your significant. We actually have a rule –no laptops open after 7.
    • Clock in and clock out – don’t let things linger (easier said than done)
      • Determine when your most productive hours are and work then
        • Have a set lunch break where you do not work
        • Some people work best between 10pm and 2am when things are quiet. If that works for you just keep consistent
        • But remember just because you are working at 3 a.m., doesn’t mean your co workers are as well.
        • Don’t let the boss forget you
  • People that work remote are passed up for promotions over people that work in the office.
  • — you need to get to the office as needed
  • — one job I had, we had people who worked out of the office, but came in once a month to grab lunch
  • –slack…its like being there…open the conversation.
  • –its okay you are not in the office— you dont get a stressful commute or get stuck in the office gossip.

To get dressed or not get dressed in the morning?

5 Takeaways

  1. Set your schedule and stick to it
  2. Treat the workspace like a real office — not the dining room table
  3. Communicate your work hours to your boss and the people around you.
  4. Focus on work — not chores/ distractions
  5. Treat it just like your “work” office


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