11- Art of the Daily Ritual

What is the difference between ritual and monotony? Something that works versus something that hinders? On this week’s WorkplaceYP, Mike and John talk about how to maximize your day while also maximizing your life.

Some notes to augment your experience

  • Grid diary – “5 minute journal”, what am i grateful for, what would make today great, did I exercise today, what were 3 things about today Daily affirmation – positive mindset, a goal to accomplish
  • Set a goal and plan for the day
  • Keep things simple
  • Eliminate distractions, Improve focus, and produce
  • Get up at the same time, have a morning ritual. Stay consistent
  • Teachers Podcast – Angela Watson’s Tips for Teachers
  • Mindfulness exercies – apps – Headspace, Calm, Yoga, boxed breathing
  • Make a to do list with no more than 3-5 things. Focus on most important thing.
  • “If everthing is a priority, then nothing is a priority”
  • Difference between ritual and grind/ monotony
  • Give yourself a menu of options to choose from
  • Some sort of physical activity – 5-10 min stretch before bed (Sleep better- circulation). 10,000 steps, 1,000 crunches/ ab movements. 10 flights of stairs, walk 10 blocks and back
  • Lunch break –
  • How to get back on the wagon? – Mike
    • Visual reminders – signs in your mirror
    • Publicly announce, make people hold you accountable
      • <John steers off track to talk about Wade Boggs vizulizing the game before playing>
    • Put on calendar
    • Put workouts on calendar
  • Set distraction free zones
    • Times of day or week just for you to produce
    • Brains on fire – Jam Day
  • Make change part of your ritual
  • Take time to give thanks
  • Set aside specific time for meetings
  • Plan unstructured time, not in front of a screen


5 Takeaways

  1. Start simple (don’t set up for a routine you will never accomplish)
  2. Mix mental/physical
  3. Chart what you do/track growth (what gets measured, gets done)
  4. You can fall off the wagon, just get back
  5. Be thankful – Rituals should enhance your day/ life


Art Of Manliness — Winston Churchill’s Daily Routine

RedlemonClub.com — 7 simple acts of daily self discipline

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