13- Chutes and Ladders

Do you have a success ladder? Ie, the stages of your career both professionally and community oriented where you benchmark where your life is going. How do you get to the next level of your career without falling down the chute to nothing. Or even just getting stuck on a tier. On this episode, John and Mike take you on the climb.

Some links to augment your experience:

  • When you’ve out grown your existing network
  • Start small serve in the trenches
  • Define your professional and personal goals
  • The transition from volunteering – hand and hammer to board service and writing a check
  • Don’t forget the path and the people that got you to this level
  • Join an action/ planning committee to build relationships
  • Make time to reach a hand down a well as up
  • Have a value proposition when asking someone to meet
  • How can your existing network propel you to the next level?
  • Your passion and hobby can help get you to the next level
  • Find opportunities where walls and guard is down
  • Work along side someone instead of across from someone
  • Be consistent in your values
  • Figure out what you know well
  • No such thing as an overnight success
  • Chairlift analogy
  • It’s easy to stay on the bunny slope

5 Take aways

  1. Define your goals – Where are you and where do you want to be. Know the risks involved
  2. Everyone has their own ladder. Understand and respect that
  3. Reach a hand down as you reach up. You’re never to big to help
  4. Volunteer and get back in the trenches
  5. Find the people who helped you up and reconnect


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