Do I know you?

Ever been in a networking situation where that one big-time leader is in the room. That one you need to meet to help you build your career. That one who is surrounded by a gang of sniveling sycophants as we type this. How do you approach them without being seen as another sniveling sycophant. This episode tells you how.

Some notes to augment your experience.

  • How to approach a local leader or business owner at an event
  • Have a goal…why are you talking to the them.
  • Is it an ask?  A pitch or just to introduce yourself
  • Don’t hover – Make sure the timing is right. Come back if not
  • I feel the need to establish my credentials, but regardless, have a soft opening and bridge a connection
  • If you know someone is going to be at an event, Do your research prior to the event-look up recent business articles, blogs or achievements of the company.
  • I like to compliment on a company’s branding and consistency, bc usually a lot of thought and time went into it and not something that get’s acknowledged much.
  • Offer a compliment on a achievement
  • Don’t just talk about work
  • What’s in it for them?
  • Thank them for their time
  • Pitch them something interesting and let them make the ask for coffee
  • Don’t sweat it If it doesn’t happen, be sure to run into them at the next event
  • Ask for a card? Or ask them what’s the best way for you to follow up with them?
  • Know when to exit. Don’t let it linger and go stale

No takeaways or links this episode…seriously the list above is them.


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