The Big Meeting

In the last episode of WorkplaceYP, John and Mike were about to unlock the secrets of the Orb of Enchantment and free the lost king when they were attached by an army of zombie orcs. Ok, that wasn’t last episode. Last episode really was about networking with a big-time leader. This episode lets you know what to do next.

Some notes to augment your experience

  • Send them specific times and dates…ie don’t just ask for an opening
  • Arrive early
  • Who buys?
  • Where should you sit? Solid space to eliminate distraction
  • How much small talk?
  • Ask – How much time do we have?
  • Dealing with the interruptions- It’s good to be seen
  • Be clear of what you want to talk about/plan of action
    • It’s important they know your company and capabilities but a very brief overview doesn’t hurt
    • This still isn’t your time to sell. You’re still building a relationship and credibility
  • Let them talk. Do more homework than the last time.
  • Body language tip – Mimic their posture (in moderation)
  • Have a close/plan of action…the “what can I do for you” speech.
    • How can I help support your business
    • Ask early, then they feel obligated to reciprocate
  • Check in on time – “How are we doing on time?
  • Following up..send something quickly…email, letter, stripper-gram….says thank you for their time.


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