Why Millennials get a bad rap

This is not new. The “millennial” work problem has been around for awhile. It is sometimes referred to “millennial shaming.” Can you guess the average tenure of Millennial employees? Two years. In the span of a professional career, two years seems to hardly make dent. In comparison, the average tenure for Gen X employees is five years and seven years for Baby Boomers.

How not to be typical millennial?

o Show up early and leave late
o If you don’t know, ask but try to find the answer yourself before you ask
o Don’t be afraid to make a decision
o Remember you are working for a company and need to follow their policy
o Stop cutting corners- it’s not going to help you in the long run
o Get off your phone and focus
o Reply to your bosses’ emails without having to be asked
o Not answering a question doesn’t make it go away..ie. you are not being graded and
skipping a question does matter now.
o Know when to ask why. Not just challenging the system
o Don’t envy the start up culture
o Criticism happens. It is not the end of the world.
o Your opinion matters, but it is not the final say on issues.
o Stop asking for promotions and raises for doing the bare minimum
o Don’t let perfection get in the way of getting something done – analysis paralysis
o Play their game, know when to offer feedback and ask for permission to deliver – it will
be much better received.

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